Hank Frost

Hank Frost is truly a machine; he has pride and passion for fitness and health. Hank was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and moved to San Francisco in 1999. He has competed in football, basketball, running and swimming since the age of 7. Hank has been a USA Boxing Coach/Trainer since 2005 and a personal trainer since 2007.

He ran his first marathon at age 18 and then went on to compete in USA Amateur Boxing. Hank has run in over 20+ endurance races, competed in Tough Mudder’s, Warrior Dash’s, Mud Run’s and many more.

He has also worked and trained with elite level athletes in and outside the gym. Hank has worked in the world of hard labor of lifting 12 foot sheet rock and the corporate world behind the desk.

Seeing both worlds, Hank has truly found his passion and in being a personal trainer and a coach. He finds his drive through the quote “Don’t let good enough be good enough.”

Hank Specializes in Strength and Conditioning, Core Stability and Balance, Sport Training-Power, Speed, Quickness and agility, Natural Body Building Sculpting, Boxing Training – Authentic Sweet Science of Boxing, Rehab and posture Training, Life style Coaching.

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